HM Gorebridge
Mary is a fantastic Bowen Technique Therapist and is very knowledgeable with regards to anatomy and general health. Mary is very passionate about the Bowen Technique and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. She is most definitely someone who cares about your well being & your recovery." 

SH Edinburgh I am delighted to report that my limp has gone and my sense of well-being is huge. I'm completely hooked - on the Bowen (which is so relaxing it's not unusual for me to fall asleep on Mary's table) and also on seeing Mary. She has a wonderful ability to make me see things clearly and will pick up on a throw away comment with a profoundly helpful response. Mary's Bowen treatment is now a must have for me. It has reduced other aches and pains, from the accident and from general life, it picks me up when I'm down and both centres and energises me. I cannot recommend Mary highly enough.” August 13, 2012

GS Scottish Borders “After three Bowen sessions from Mary, I notice a general sense of well-being as well as specific outcomes: My sinuses are clear, my spine feels freed up and there is some improvement in my little finger. This had been numb for months after injuring a nerve in my elbow, and all my GP could offer was surgery if and when the problem got worse. I am very glad to feel some improvement at last, and I am now hopeful that the problem can get better altogether with perhaps one or two more sessions. Many thanks Mary!”June 18, 2012

CT Scottish Borders had been off work for weeks with a trapped nerve resulting in excruciating constant pain resulting in being unable to drive, lift anything, work of any kind or socialise. "Since treatment I have been able to do everything I could do before it started. I felt better after every treatment session and the condition is now resolved and I am back to normal after 5 sessions of Bowen."

NP Edinburgh I had heard of the Bowen Technique and when I met Mary I decided to give it a try for my leg and hip pain.  The treatment is very relaxing and non-invasive and Mary was very professional throughout.  She is obviously very passionate and knowledgeable about the treatment, and most importantly I was very impressed with the results.  In just three sessions my symptoms virtually resolved and 2 months on are still good.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mary.

CO Scottish Borders: Mary, thank you so much for treating me for the pain around my broken leg, and the sharp pains I was experiencing in my head.  I am delighted to tell you the sharp pains in the head have gone completely, and the leg – although it was not good for a few days – is now practically pain free.  Ain't Bowen great!  Who would have thought that something so gentle could produce such powerful results?  It makes a huge difference to be walking without pain, so thank you very much indeed.  

AR Edinburgh: Mary explained what Bowen Therapy could do for RSI, which I have had in my right wrist, forearm and elbow for 20 years, I volunteered to take part in a National study and went to Mary for 4 treatments. Apart from the occasional twinge after carrying heavy cases or too much texting I have been pain free. So, many thanks to Mary for her very professional, caring treatment - she will tell you I often have trouble getting up from her treatment couch as I am so relaxed! 

DA Midlothian: I had been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc, this was causing me a great deal of pain and a severe lack of movement. My spine was twisted and I had a severe tilt to the right hand side. If I am honest Bowen was probably the last option before surgery. Mary had done what she does, which is very gentle, so I am lying thinking there is not much happening. Afterwards I was extremely tired but at the same time  feeling good. After the second session I started to see an improvement in my mobility and the straightness of my spine. I had six sessions of Bowen and I am back to normal. Without Bowen therapy I would have been left in a dark place of pain. I have my life back and its all down to Bowen therapy.

MD Rosyth: I was in constant pain from shoulder, hip and thigh as a result of a motorcycle injury. Pain made every day living difficult but life is much easier now. From going from a pain level of 8/10 constantly to a zero pain level and forgetting about the body parts which had been painful is the major benefit of treatment. From the first treatment I could feel things relaxing, felt more refreshed and mentally less stressed as day to day work and home life became easier with the major drop in pain levels.

PC Edinburgh:  "Interested to experience a ‘gentle hands on treatment’ for migraine, lower back and shoulder pain, I came for Bowen treatment with an open mind and knowing that I had nothing to lose.  Little did I know how much I was to gain from these visits to Mary, all of my niggling and at times debilitating ailments began to steadily improve and a few months on from the treatment are still improving.  Mary has a wonderful gentle presence and healing hands, her knowledge and skills within the Bowen technique ensured a relaxing and therapeutic visit for treatment.  Well worth it and highly recommended!!! "

S, Gorebridge"I was experiencing terrible pain in my hip which was seriously limiting my movement. One Bowen treatment from Mary instantly removed the pain completely. It was quite amazing". 

Mrs S, Rosyth, came for 5 Bowen sessions because she was experiencing incredible pain from her hip. "Thanks to you I am now pain free" 

P, Edinburgh, came for 5 sessions of Bowen because she was experiencing several migraines every week. " No migraines in the last 10 days" "It feels like a real gift".

F, Edinburgh  "A keen mountaineeer , I had been bemoaning to my friend about a chronic shoulder injury that  restricted my arm movement considerably. As it happened my friend had personal experience of Bowen and recommended that I give it a try. l was attracted by the drug-free and non-invasive aspects of the treatment,  also by the assurance that if there were no indications of improvement in my condition after three sessions, there would be no further attempts at treatment. It seemed improbable to me that the simple movements and tweaks  would have any impact on my much-abused upper arm.    How wrong I was! There were clear suggestions of improvement after just one session and by the time I'd had my third session it was obvious that something remarkable was happening;   I had much greater mobility and was largely pain-free.  A couple more treatments and a few minutes of "home-work", simple repetitive twists and stretches each day, I was able to resume my climbing activities.  I would recommend Bowen to anyone. It genuinely is one of those mysterious therapies that somehow simply work.  More generally, it is an intensely relaxing and gentle form of treatment; one is encouraged to drink plenty of water to aid the flushing-out of bodily toxins that are liberated by the practitioner's touches, a few more trips to the loo than normal doesn't seem too arduous a side-effect to have to deal with!