About Bowen & Emmett


A non pharmacological approach to managing pain, helping the body improve function and mobility.

The Bowen Technique treats the body in a gentle holistic way, working on the whole body, not just on the presenting symptoms, and is suitable for all ages from new born babies to the very elderly, from the fit and active to the critically ill. 

If we hold a position or repeat a movement or don't move for an extended period of time, the fascia becomes plastic and solid with little blood supply and nutrition. 
The area can be likened to a stagnant pond which ultimately destroys all life within. The Bowen Technique strives to release the fascia, to allow normal movement and muscular action by changing the relationships of connective tissue, focusing on changing the structure,  it starts a "conversation" with the whole body. 

The Emmett Technique can be used as a stand-alone treatment to ease pain, restore comfortable range of movement and combat tension and stress. My preference is to use an integrated and combined approach and use  Emmett with the Bowen Technique when appropriate.  The technique uses the application of light pressure at specific points and in sequences that enable muscle groups to gently release and relax.

Both Bowen and Emmett moves are applied to various points on the body, over muscle and soft tissue , interspersed with periods of rest which awaken the body's resources to auto-regulate, naturally heal and protect itself. These moves are made through light clothing or on skin.

Sessions  last  40-60 minutes and take place generally over five to ten day intervals. Around two to six sessions are required to support a change in most conditions. 
Chronic or long term conditions may require more sessions to bring lasting change.  

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